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Everything You Need to Know About Dental Fillings

Dentists offer a good selection of dental services to their patients. Dental fillings are another procedure that you can get from your dentist in addition to regular teeth cleaning services. At some point in your life, you will need to have one or multiple teeth filled. Some people can even start getting fillings at a young age. For many year, dentist employ dental fillings on their patients for the treatment or prevention of their cavities. There is no doubt that you have heard your parents from a long time ago countless times that you should lay off eating plenty of candies. They told you this because they wanted to avoid paying the dentist to fill all the cavities present on your teeth. Sadly, they still had to take you to your dentist because those candies were just irresistible. That is why you are no stranger to fillings.

In the past couple of years, silver and gold amalgam was the most commonly utilized dental filling materials. When you say silver amalgam, you are referring to a material that is a combination of silver, copper, tin, mercury, and zinc. Yes, you read that right with mercury. Mercury is a well-known toxic element. That is why dentists are shifting to the use of porcelain and dental composites as materials for dental fillings. Although you will be spending more for these fillings, they will be free from the unwanted side effects from mercury and are much safer, generally.

Replacing silver amalgam dental fillings with compositive or porcelain fillings is now a common choice for many people who have the former filling. This allows for the removal of the toxic filling for the patient’s mouth. Furthermore, they tend to make your teeth look more visually stunning. If you have silver amalgam fillings, however, make sure that you only have them removed and replaced by professional dental filling specialists.

Dental filling is known as a kind of dental restoration procedure that helps save or maintain the overall integrity of the tooth or teeth of concern. If you suffer from dental cavities, you can expect your dentist to remove the decayed tooth part. If the damaged part of your tooth is worn or cracked, filling helps repair it. Such a procedure is most common during a root canal procedure. A dental filling will serve as a replacement for the dental pulp that was removed.

Dental fillings are also indicated for people who have worn down teeth due to aging, teeth grinding, and diet choices. Worn areas of the tooth will be getting a filling by the dentist. This procedure helps protect the underlying nerves and sensitive areas. Fillings are also carried out for the purposes of aesthetics, replacement, and protection.

If you have plans of undergoing a dental filling procedure, your dentist will prepare your affected tooth or teeth. The dental procedure length and intensity will depend on the kind of filling that requires preparing.

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